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Reporter Gene Assay Platform

Reporter genes are a class of genes encoding easily detectable proteins, which display no endogenous expression in the target cells, tissues, or organisms. Reporter genes have diverse applications encompassing promoter activity analysis, signal pathway function studies, miRNA function research, protein degradation process investigation, cellular tracing, and in vivo imaging. The primary advantages of these genes are their high sensitivity, consistent reproducibility, accurate quantification, operational ease and efficiency, and adaptability for high-throughput analysis.


The LeadQuest Biotech Reporter Gene Detection Platform comprises a variety of systems, including transient expression models and stable cell lines. Among the stable cell lines, some are commercial reporter stable cell strains purchased, while others are developed in-house. Our platform provides not only efficient screening services but also be tailored to meet specific requirements.


1.TMEJ Reporter Gene Assay

The TMEJ reporter gene assay is specifically targeting the POLQ gene. It is utilized for the screening of POLQ inhibitors.


2.Commercialized Stable Cell Lines for Reporter Gene Assays

LeadQuest Biotech use commercialized reporter gene stable cell lines, enabling the detection of reporter genes across a variety of targets.


3.In-House HiBiT-KI Stable Cell Line

Utilizing advanced gene editing techniques, LeadQuest Biotech us a HiBiT-KI stable cell line, wherein the target protein is tagged with a HiBiT label. The HiBiT signal can be monitored to evaluate the degradation of the target protein by compounds, facilitating the screening of PROTAC molecules.


4.In-House Stable or Transient Reporter Gene Assays

LeadQuest Biotech use in-house stably transfected cell lines that overexpress reporter genes and employing transient transfection methods, we have refined the establishment of reporter gene assays for various targets. These assays are suitable for the screening of compounds relevant to these specific targets.


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