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Drug Target Validation Method Development and Optimization

LeadQuest Biotech’s target validation and methodology development, effectively supporting research and compound screening on new targets. From protein expression, and in conjunction with Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) technologies such as Biacore 8K, it offers a comprehensive and efficient solution for the validation and screening of new drug targets.


Research Capacity

1.Protein Purification


1)Protein Expression Systems (E.coli, Sf9 insect cells, mammalian cells)

2)Protein Tags (His, GST, FLAG, Avi, MBP, Fc-fusion)

3)Protein Identification (SDS-PAGE, Bradford test, LC-MS analysis, Activity test)


2.Enzymology Research


1)Binding Assays (HTRF, Alpha), ADP Quantification (ADP-Glo, etc.)

2)Phosphorylation Substrate Detection (Ulight, HTRF, Lantha, Alpha)

3)Cellular Phosphorylated Protein Detection (AlphaScreen, HCS, WB)

4)Kinases, Epigenetic Enzymology, E3 Ligases, DUBs, Phosphatases, Proteases, Helicases, Nucleases


3.Cell Line Engineering


1)Over 1000 cell lines established

2)Reporter Genes, Mutations, Tagged and Untagged Expression

3)Overexpressing Stable Cell Lines (Flip-In, lentiviral and retroviral systems, Neon electroporation, T-REx system, HiBiT and PPI systems, etc.)

4)Knockout (KO) and Knock-in (KI): CRISPR/Cas9 system, siRNA, shRNA


4.Ion Channels


1)Fluorescent-Based Functional Screening (FLIPR)

2)Electrophysiological Experiments (Manual Patch-Clamp and Automated Patch-Clamp QpatchII)

3)Panel Screening (100+ targets validated)




1)GPCR Stable Cell Line Construction

2)cAMP Assays (HTRF; agonist/antagonist, CRE-BLA/Fluc)

3)Calcium Flux Assays (Flipr; IP-one, NFAT-Luc)

4)β-arrestin Assays (PPI/NanoBRET)

5)Panel Screening (100+ targets validated)


6.Nuclear Receptors


1)Fluorescence Polarization Binding Assays (Lantha)

2)TaqMan-Based Gene Expression

3)Reporter Gene Screening (Transient Transfection, Stable Cell Line)

4)Panel Screening (30+ nuclear receptors)


7.Immuno-Oncology Target Research


1)Checkpoint Blockade Biochemical Binding Assays and Cellular Reporter Gene Assays

2)Co-Culture Reporter Gene Assays

3)Whole Blood, PBMC, T Cell, Tregs, DC, B and NK Cellular Assays

4)In Vitro Experiments MLR, Co-Culture, etc.

5)Cytokine Release Assays FACS, ELISA


8.Panel Screening


1)Safety Panel (47 or 90 targets)

2)Kinome Spectrum >400 assays validated (providing 207 and 310 panel screening)

3)Other Panels: TK Family (76x), CDK Family (16x), and Mini Kinase (60x)

4)Custom Kinome Spectrum

5)In Vitro Off-Target Effect Screening (Based on Different Disease Targets)

6)GLP hERG/Cardiac Safety Studies

7)Cell Panel Screening


Service Platform

1.Protein Research Unit


2.Automation and High-throughput Screening Unit


3.Molecular Biology Research Unit


4.Cytology Research Unit


5.Ion Channel Research Unit


6.Multifunctional Plate Readers


7.Analytical Instruments