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Proteolysis Services for Targeted Protein Degradation

In the human body, over 30,000 proteins drive various biological functions, yet only a fraction are viable for drug development. Exploring challenging proteins as potential drug targets is a promising area. Targeted protein degradation technology, harnessing the body’s proteasome and lysosome, offers significant support in this field.


Exploring Targeted Protein Degradation

Targeted protein degradation utilizes the body’s protease system to regulate protein levels, unlike traditional drugs that inhibit target proteins. Our focus is on developing PROTAC molecules for challenging targets, enhancing drug discovery capabilities in protein expression, purification, and more.


Cellular Analysis

We employ techniques like Western Blotting, digital WB, flux ICW, and IFA, alongside commercial assay kits, to detect protein degradation and expression levels. Our comprehensive evaluations include cell signaling pathways, vitality, and proliferation assessments.


Mechanism Studies

ADME methods, proteomics, and structural biology are used to assess the intracellular mechanisms of action of PROTAC molecules. We employ inhibitors to study protein degradation pathways, offering a complete platform for screening targeted degradation agents.


Analytical Techniques

Utilizing LC-MS/MS, we analyze parameters like cellular uptake, solubility, and stability under compound treatment conditions. Our in vitro screening platforms rapidly evaluate PROTAC molecules’ ability to penetrate tumor cells and their binding affinity to targets.


Advancements in Protein Degradation

We’re at the forefront of researching new protein degradation methods like molecular glues, LYTACs, and AUTACs. With stable transfected cell lines, including ion channels and GPCR receptors, we contribute to membrane protein degradation research, advancing drug development in this field.