LeadQuest Biotech
Focus on New Drug Targets and Help New Drug Discovery

LeadQuest Biotech

LeadQuest Biotech specializes in comprehensive biological services throughout the entire drug development process. Our unwavering commitment lies in the discovery, validation, and screening of lead compounds. we are dedicated to enhancing the speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of our clients’ drug development endeavors to meet the evolving needs of drug development enterprises.

DMPK Services: Optimizing Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics

Insight into the journey of drugs within the body.


Drug Target Validation Method Development and Optimization

Paving the way for innovative treatments.


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Cell Biology Service Platform

Providing testing and screening services for various types of drugs including small molecules, PROTACs, ADCs, and antibody drugs.

Specialized Service Platform

Leveraging cutting-edge technologies and deep understanding of biological and pharmacological research.

Evaluation of Drug Property Service Platform

Early detection of potential off-target effects risks in compounds during the lead optimization stage.