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Flow Cytometry

As a rapid, efficient and sensitive detection technology, flow cytometry can quickly analyze proteins, nucleic acids or markers in cells and on the cell surface. So as to achieve rapid analysis and detection of cell proliferation, apoptosis, cell cycle, intracellular and extracellular cytokines/phosphorylated proteins, immune cell typing, etc.


LeadQuest Biotech Offer Following Flow Cytometry Technology Based Analysis Service

1.Cell proliferation


3.Cell cycle

4.Intracellular cytokine detection

5.Intracellular phosphorylated protein detection

6.Analysis of blood cell subsets

7.Tumor infiltrating cell analysis


MSD (Meso Scale Discovery) is a high-throughput detection technology that can simultaneously detect multiple disease-related biomarkers and cytokines to evaluate the dose-response and kinetic impact of drugs in cells and animal models.


Features of MSD

1.Complex biological samples can be tested, including cell supernatants, plasma, cell lysates, tissue homogenates, and more.

2.Ultra-high sensitivity, its detection range is much larger than that of conventional ELISA detection. Due to the high sensitivity, the test can still be completed after dilution of a small sample volume.

3.Customized detection of single cytokines, multi-cytokine panels, and multiplex combinations can be realized.

4.Specific biomarker testing, including developmental, physiological, pathological and other samples.