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Real-Time Quantitative PCR Gene Quantification

Real-time quantitative PCR (qPCR) refers to the real-time detection of nucleic acid molecule amplification products during PCR amplification of target genes, which is an internationally recognized standard method for gene quantitative detection.This method has a wide range of applications in fields such as gene expression research, clinical disease detection, and infectious disease testing.


LeadQuest Biotech employs SYBR Green and TaqMan assays on the ABI platform for high-throughput test analysis. Our assays offer stability, high specificity, and sensitivity. In addition, LeadQuest Biotech has extensive experience in various specialized areas including the analysis of target gene expression levels, gene copy number detection, assessment of siRNA interference efficiency, cytokine detection, tumor marker testing, and research on disease models.



1.Primer design and synthesis

2.RNA extraction

3.Real-time quantitative PCR

4.Data analysis and report issuance



1.One-stop service from primer or probe design to IND report generation.

2.High-standard PCR laboratory to prevent contamination.

3.Extensive experience in drug target, PD marker, and other biomarker detection in cell and animal models.

4.Stability, high specificity and sensitivity.