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Nuclear Receptor Detection

Nuclear Receptors (NRs) are a crucial class of transcription factors activated by ligands that play a pivotal role in regulating gene expression and endocrine signaling. These receptors bind to specific ligands, typically small lipophilic molecules such as steroids, vitamins, and fatty acid derivatives. Upon ligand binding, NRs modulate transcriptional activities in the genome, thereby orchestrating a spectrum of biological processes including cell differentiation, development, proliferation, and metabolic regulation. Additionally, the activity of nuclear receptors is implicated in a myriad of pathologies, including cancer, cardiovascular diseases, inflammation, and reproductive abnormalities, thus positioning them as crucial targets in drug development.


To evaluate with enhanced precision the influence of candidate drugs on nuclear receptor activities, LeadQuest Biotech has developed a comprehensive suite of cell-based nuclear receptor assays. The construction of these platforms not only enhances the efficiency and accuracy of drug screening but also provides robust technical support for the development of new pharmaceuticals.


Nuclear Receptors Luciferase Reporter Assay

1.UAS/GAL4 Reporter Genes

2.ARE1/Reporter Genes

3.MMTV/Reporter Genes

4.ERE/Reporter Genes


LeadQuest Biotech offers rapid and effective compound analysis services, tailored to detect both excitatory and inhibitory activity of the compounds, while also conform the selectivity of lead compounds against a spectrum of drug targets. Our services aim to expedite your compound selection process from “hit-to-lead,” providing robust support for drug discovery and development.



List of Nuclear Receptor Targets